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Miessence Mondays: Nature’s Scents

February 1, 2010

Good Monday morning!  Today is miessence Monday.  It is also February 1, which means Valentine’s Day is less than 2 weeks away now.  Have you thought about what you are getting your special someone?  It seems flowers, fragrances, and jewelry tend to list high on the gift giving selections.  If a favorite fragrance is on your list, may I suggest you consider an alternative?

Miessence certified organic botanical perfumes are hand-blended in the traditional artisan method of natural perfumery using rare and exquisite botanical extracts, absolutes and essential oils solely as their aromatic source.  They are imbued with a debth of character lacking in synthetic perfumes.  Reasons beyond the purity of these perfumes to anoint yourself and/or a loved one:

To attract and seduce the opposite sex.

To improve one’s mood or state of mind.

To boost one’s level of self confidence.

To refresh, energize, calm, or nurture ourselves.

Love, wild, free, calm, delicious, brave, and calm are six wonderfully designed blends offered by miessence.  Wonder which scent to choose?  Take this quiz to help find your signature scent.  Respond in the comments to share your signature scent quiz answer.

Special promotion going on now: 20% off all 10ml perfumes for the month of February 2010.  Enter “cupid” for your coupon code during checkout.

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