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In-Liven Probiotic

January 8, 2010

With the holiday season coming to a close, many people are thinking about cleaning their homes.  Going through old toys, clothes, tools, etc. to either throw out, donate, or pack away is happening in households across the United States.  I know, I am.  Over the holiday season, many of us eat way too much and quite unhealthy in retrospect.  Did you have one too many cookies or pie slices?  I know I did.  In doing so, the week following Christmas, I felt more sluggish than normal and tired.  This is the results of not necessarily eating nutrient dense food.  So, what can we do?  I chose to increase my intake of In-Liven for one week.

In-Liven is a raw, fermented, probiotic super food.  What does this mean?  Raw means nothing was cooked.  Fermented means just that – fermented.  Think sauerkraut.  It is a fermented food.  Super foods are foods that have been proven to be very potent and healthy for one’s body.  Foods like spirulina, barley grass, asparagus, and more.  Probiotic means good bacteria.  These bacteria are produced by fruits and vegetables, not fast-tracked from fecal matter.  Yes, some probiotics are developed just that way.  In-Liven also contains enzymes, vital amino acids, and a spectrum of essential nutrients.

It is suggested to take one teaspoon 1-3 times daily.  Personally, I take one teaspoon daily for maintaining good bacteria in my digestive tract.  This also supplies the vital nutrients to my body daily.  In times of sickness or after times like the holidays, I may take up to 3 teaspoons daily.  For about two dollars a day, I take this one teaspoon of In-Liven in a cup of apple juice every morning.  Add a banana and I am set for my day.

We cannot make any medical claims, as MiEssence representatives.  Although, I can personally say my husband and I both noticed health benefits within our first month of eating In-Liven.  Some of the results we saw include: diminished headaches, digestive regularity, increased energy, and oddly enough, the desire to eat more raw vegetables.  Many of us do not have enough good bacteria in our bodies and I have always been a firm believer of some good bugs making us healthier.  This is just one way we have increased our “bug” intake in our home.

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